Dr. Aafzaal Moosani

Designation & Department Professional Behaviourist, Counsellor, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist in Australia, India and Qatar

Dr. Aafzaal Moosani is an expert Counselling and Psychotherapy pratictioner. He has an experience of four years and has worked in Australia, India and Qatar in a variety of work positions.

He has completed his Doctorate in Naturopathy (Natural Medicine), from the Nature Cure Institute, Maharashtra, India. He holds a second Doctorate degree of Philosophy Degree in Professional Counselling, Psychology, and Psychotherapy, from the Corllins University, USA.

He completed various Certificate Programs like Clinical and Practical Training in Alternative Medicines (Kolkata, India); Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management, from the Harvard Medical School (USA); Professional Human Resources Management and Psycho diagnostics (Chennai, India). He has completed various Diploma programs in Professional Colour Therapy; Diploma like Professional Life Management Coaching; Diploma in Professional Complete Mind Therapy; Diploma in Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy from United Kingdom.

He completed his M.Sc in Professional Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy; Post Graduation Diploma in Professional Counselling; and Post Graduation Diploma in Professional Career and Guidance Counselling from the Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Maharashtra, India.