Case Study

Experience with JMRC:

In 2012, when Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation thought of selection process, they wanted to assess the psychological factors also during the recruitment. We offered them combination of Intelligence tests, personality tests and perception test as the cognitive areas and intelligence plays an important role for all the roles and responsibilities related to metro recruitments. We conducted psychometric assessment for recruitment of 355 examinees and we also got empanelled for next two years for the same with them. The assessment was done with the help of computerized psychometric assessment tool. We got excellent feedback from JMRC. IDAC is the first and only private organization in India to conduct psychometric assessment of Train Operator and Station Controller. We had a very good experience with Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) and reportedly they were also very satisfied with the results.

Experience with Indian Railways and RDSO -

We have also conducted “Job Analysis of Motormen of Indian Railways” along with development of tools, data collection and statistical analysis of the project with Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India. The Motorman, Supervisors and Officers controlling the cadre of Motorman on the railways were assessed during this project.

Association with Max Life Insurance –

They used to conduct a lot of training for their staff but they wanted to assess the areas for training need with a special focus on sales team. For the said purpose we did psychometric assessment of their staff, based on the results they were able to provide the best trainings to their employees. Now they are happy and satisfied.

CBSE Teachers Training

PCTI Ltd. is empanelled with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for in service training program of teachers across CBSE affiliated schools all over India. In this training program, we are conducting workshops for teachers in the areas of Life Skills, Attitude and Values, Health and Wellbeing Education, Leadership Skills, and Enhancing Listening and Speaking Skills.