Chuck Russell

Name Chuck Russell
Designation & Department Chairman & CEO, BestWork DATA, Atlanta

Chuck Russell is a true thought leader in the application of assessment technologies to business practices. He specializes in the business applications of assessment technology. He has written numerous articles on the assessment industry.

He has served as an advisor to five test publishers and has been an expert witness on the proper application of psychometric testing in making business decisions. Through those organizations, he has observed firsthand the principal profiling methodologies in use today. He is the author of Right Person - Right Job, Guess or Know, The Breakthrough Technologies of Performance Information.

Chuck is the founder of two companies based on this technology. BestWork DATA is a pioneer in developing talent optimization systems that offer unprecedented DATA on human performance. Chuck?s second company, JobThoughts®, offers that same level of insight and practical advice to job seekers on matching their strengths to the best jobs.

Chuck has a degree in Economics from Spring Hill College. He is a former Fellow of the Work Force Stability Institute, and a member of Mensa. He is an excellent tennis player and also owns golf clubs.